• Jeevan Biosciences is an Atlanta based biotechnology company committed to the development of 3D cellular models, tissue culture media, and delivery mechanisms for the testing and development of cancer drug therapies.

  • Jeevan’s line of PURE tissue culture media products are serum- free, and xeno-free, and designed specifically for each cell type available from Jeevan.

  • Genetically profiled 3D stem cell models products for all types of cancer tissue

  • Jeevan’s innovative platform can be used for toxicology screening and drug development that is specific to the genetic profile of the cancer disease tissue.


PURE Line of Media Products

NEURO-PURE is a chemically defined 100% serum free and xeno free media solution that is designed to produce the most consistent culturing conditions on the market. ...

3D Cancer Stem Models

JBI offers a mixture of disease, heterogeneous, primary 3D stem cell models and proprietary media for HIV/NeuroAIDS, glioblastoma, ...